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Jessica Carroll Smith

Supporting creative people and organisations to

turn ideas into action

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My unique combination of organisational skills, creativity and passion to see people flourish allows me to:

  • Scope projects and manage tasks and timelines

  • Map the details of projects visually 

  • Develop flexible systems and processes for small businesses

  • Work alongside individuals and teams as an accountability partner 


So that you can achieve your goals, deliver your projects, have peace of mind and feel on top of your mess. 




Project Scoping
Do you need to develop an idea or initiative, planning ways to make your vision a reality?

Discernment Partner
Going through a transition time and need a conversation partner to listen and think through options?

Project Manager
Do you need someone to keep your project on schedule, coordinating and prioritising tasks and activities?

Project Support for Creative Individuals
Looking for a support partner with whom you can brainstorm, set work goals, review progress and keep your project moving?


Planning Support for Organisations

Need someone to facilitate your organisation's planning time so that all voices are heard and great ideas can be turned into a work plan?

Small Business Support
Need help to get started, improve systems, scale-up or work through trouble spots?



For almost 20 years Jess worked as an Operations Director in numerous organisations, overseeing projects, managing budgets, coordinating teams, synthesising data and turning ideas into action. She is a co-founder of the Christian justice not-for-profit Common Grace ( Alongisde her current freelance role, she works with Visual Planning Partners, at ADM as a Development Coach for the Fellowship program and as a Social Research Consultant with Rooftop Social. You can see Jessica’s CV at LinkedIn here.


Jess was exactly the person we needed to help us get our business off the ground. Her careful planning, thoughtful vision, and contagious enthusiasm brought our creative ideas into the real world!"


—  Meredith & Phil, Directors of Joey Games


Every individual and organisation faces different challenges and circumstances, get in touch using the form below and we can discuss your needs, and together explore how I can best support you.

Contact Jessica

Thanks for getting in touch.

I look forward to exploring with you!

Jessica Carroll Smith

ABN: 50 873 041 664

Surry Hills, Sydney

I live and work on Gadigal land

While based in Sydney, I am also happy working remotely

via Zoom and project management tech platforms.

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